Kenley’s 2nd Birthday


This year, in honor of Kenley, we have chosen to up our donation of care packages from 20 to 40. We would also like to donate 40 girl sleepers, 40 boy sleepers, and 40 books for the parents to give to the siblings (if needed). This is going to be a huge undertaking, and I’m looking forward to organizing it again this year!

Last year, tons of people reached out to me and asked what they could do for Kenley’s first birthday. I chose to have people take photos of her name and send them to me. I then printed them out and have them in a collage in my home. It was so healing to see her name written in all kinds of places, in all kinds of ways.

This year, I’m asking for people to donate to her care packages. 

I plan to make this a yearly donation for her birthday as a way to honor her and keep her memory alive, and help other grieving families.

I’ve made an Amazon wish list this year if people would rather purchase items I am including in the care packages instead of donating money to the gofundme account.

It’s extremely hard for us to “shop” for things that will go to grieving parents, but I cannot think of anyone better to help other grieving parents than another grieving parent. It broke my heart to add all of these sleepers to the wish list knowing that they will be given to babies who didn’t get to spend time with their parents how they should. I wish that they could be worn while the child is laying in their parents arms, staring into their eyes full of joy and a future, instead of the parents staring at all they lost in their child.

I hope that you will consider taking a peek at the Amazon wish list to see what we plan to donate!


Kenley’s 2nd Birthday Care Package gofundme Page


Amazon Wish List