Kenley’s Care Packages

Hi, I’m here. I haven’t had the desire to write anything because it’s all the same.. I feel like all of my posts start that way anymore. We are in our new home now, which comes with a lot of emotions and stress. We are pretty much unpacked and things are flowing back into normalcy.

This year for Kenley’s Care Packages we are choosing to do something different because we donated the boxes late last year (June of this year actually…). We will do the boxes next year, but this year we are donating to the PreK where Kenley should have been attending this fall.

With the help of the PreK, I’ve created a  wish list on amazon of the most used/most played with items. The PreK is the one that Landon attended during Kenley’s entire pregnancy. The employees were there with us through her entire pregnancy and her birth/death. The grieved with us, and they were amazing in helping Landon work back into PreK. At his graduation the following June, we all cried together. Kenley should have been there.

I thought it would be very special to donate there this year.  Please consider helping our cause this year!

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