Yep. Fuck it. 

I am seriously sick and tired of being an adult. This shit is the worst. No one told me this was even a possibility in life; you don’t think about this shit. You don’t think your daughter is going to die. It shouldn’t happen. 

In school you’re taught “if you touch a boy, YOU WILL GET PREGNANT“. 

Where are the lessons on “sorry you’ve been trying for 2 yearsyou’re probably infertile”, or “what’s that? You’re financially stable and you WANT a child–well too bad”. 

Or my personal favorite- “let’s give you everything you have worked so fucking hard for, and then rip it away from you before it’s officially yours“. 

Where are the lessons on how fucked up life can really be. The reality lesson. 

I’m just so done being an adult right now. 

Is today over yet? 

4 thoughts on “adulting. 

  1. Yes, where are the fucking fairy tales that say, “First comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage you bought but there’s no baby to fill it because your child died unexpectedly and it blindsided you.”? Perhaps we should be more upfront about reality earlier, so adulting isn’t such a fucking blow… Like maybe our culture should talk about things like infertility and death and grief instead of sugarcoating everything. I’m hoping today was better for you compared to yesterday. xoxo

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    • Exactly. Where is that lesson? The lesson about how incredibly hard it is to lose a baby. The lesson that tells you what to do after you DO lose a baby; where they tell you that you’re not alone and you don’t need to feel shame over losing the child. Where they tell you what to do with the childs nursery…the one that you spent the last 9 months preparing.

      I agree. I think that we should talk about those things. They are very real, and they happen to every day normal people– like us.

      Thank you for always reaching out ❤ It means so so much.

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