Let me start by saying damn I got a good deal at Kohls today. 

That being said…

(Standing in the checkout line with Shane and Landon minding our own business and talking amongst ourselves) 

Shane: ” are you excited for Kindergarten Lan?” 

Me: “man buddy I don’t know what I’m going to do while you’re at school! I’ll be bored!”

Lady behind us who is obviously not minding her own god damn business (and also has perfectly spaced children): “oh, that’s exactly what I said to this one, *points to middle child who’s Landons age* but then we found out we were expecting and well *laughs and points to baby approximately 6-8 months old in stroller* now I won’t be bored at all!”

Me: *death glare* 

Shane then proceeded to make nice with the lady. Thank god for him because if it were just Landon and I, the lady would probably have gotten an ear full. 

I’m sure she was just being nice but, thanks no thanks to your story. Just mind your business because I do not want to hear your story…

7 thoughts on “kohls. 

  1. This is why I was a hermit for like 6 months after losing my daughter because I felt the need to slap everyone that spoke. And when I did go out I wanted so badly to just wear a sign that said “I just lost my baby please leave me alone and watch what you say or I will fight you”

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    • YES! I remember one of the first times I left the house to go to the grocery store. I swear to god there were 4 couples with newborns there. I looked at my husband and I just lost it. We ended up leaving without groceries. I don’t know if it was because I was aware of them, or if there was a baby boom or WHAT but…I was none too happy! There is an amazon facility going up so close to my house that we are going to be able to get 2 hr shipping…maybe I’ll never have to leave my house again 😉

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      • I swear people with babies come out of the wood work when you are trying to avoid them. It’s like they are drawn to you or something it’s annoying! That is awesome you get two hour shipping! Take advantage of that until you feel comfortable dealing with the shitty people of this world again 😊

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