I know this week is going to be rough for me; I already feel it in my bones.

Tuesday we have Landon’s open house for Kindergarten, at which I’m going to try to hold back tears. Wednesday is his first day; he will be riding the bus to school for the first time. I’m pretty sure when he gets on the bus I’m going to lose it– I cry just thinking about it. I can see it play out in my head the way it’s actually going to happen and the way I wish it was happening– me, holding my sweet girl, waving her little arm at her big brother with Shane standing next to us, as he looks out the window and waves goodbye to us.

Ugh. Heartbreak at it’s finest.

Wednesday is also the day we have our 7 week ultrasound. The ultrasound in which we should hear a heartbeat. Needless to say my last ultrasound with a child inside of me was fucking awful so I’m very scared.

The timing of the shit happening this week is so fucking cruel.

2 thoughts on “sunday.

  1. Hugs. Such an emotional week. Another big milestone for your family…another place where she is not…so sorry💗 Hopefully it won’t always be this hard? I don’t know. Thinking of you.

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