This morning I walked into Landon’s room to wake him up for school (this never happens, he is always up before everyone else), and he was curled up in the middle of his bed looking so tiny. I stood there and my heart just exploded with love for him, and sadness for Kenley. I cannot help feeling love/grief at the same time these days. I miss my girl, and my love for her is so deep that I feel it in every fiber of my soul. My love for Landon is just the same as my love for Kenley, except I get to hold him when I’m sad. I get to physically love Landon.

He sometimes looks at me, then down at my “K” necklace. He has asked me why I don’t have an “L” for him. I answered him one time with something similar to what I just wrote. “I get to love on you like “this” (I hugged and kissed him a bunch which made him laugh), and I don’t get to love on Kenley like that. So, I wear a necklace for her. I can look down at this necklace and think of her during the day”. He seemed to like that answer pretty well.

Yesterday, he looked at me and told me that I was going to have to wear a different necklace now that I’m going to have another baby. I reminded him that this necklace is for his sister who isn’t here (who will never be here…but that seems too much for a 5 year old to handle…) and that the new baby will be here in our house when she is born. He understood, and went on playing with his toys. He misses nothing, that boy. He is so smart, and deep. I’m so proud of him, and how he can be open with me about things. I hope that never changes.

Today while Shane and I were home alone, I found a shoebox and put all of my pregnancy tests from this baby inside. I also put in paperwork from our genetic testing, random RE paper work, and the picture from the embryologist the day of my transfer. I know this baby deserves it’s own “space” in my heart, but I’m struggling to find that space still. I feel like my heart is a fucking glacier and I’m over here trying to chisel a spot out for this child with a toothpick. I’m trying, little one, I swear it.

When I made lunch today, the cheese package said “best by Jan 11 2017″…What? How is that even possible; How is it the middle of August already? I feel that the first 7 months of this year were a blur; like I went to sleep on 12.29.15, and I’m just now fumbling my way out of the bed in the darkness. Things are familiar to me, and I can feel my way through life, but it’s still so dark. It will be fall soon. It will be Thanksgiving…and then it will be Christmas. A holiday that will now forever carry a dark shadow over top. Fucking Christmas. Fucking life. Why? Like, why did this happen? Why did this have to happen to my family? And so close to Christmas. I was pregnant with Kenley when we spent an hour and a half walking through the acres of christmas trees looking for the right one. I was pregnant when we put it up and decorated it with Landon; he was more excited this past year than ever before. I will forever have these things burned into my mind.

I will see myself on the Christmas morning family video, carrying my sweet living girl. safely inside of me. Crying because my husband gave me a gift card to chatbooks so I could document all of my Instagram photos from Kenley’s pregnancy in “photo album” books. I thought it was such a sweet gift, such a thoughtful gift from my Husband who was excited for his daughter to be here. The message included with the gift card said “I can’t wait until Kenley is here, it will be so soon!”…

I don’t know how this sadness will lessen in time. I just don’t think it’s a possibility.

I miss you, sweet girl. I wish I could have watched you grow up into the amazing person I know you would have been. I wish I could have been your best friend for life. 

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.



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  1. I have been thinking about how I want to get a necklace to wear in remembrance of Sidney. I debated including Eli on it, but then decided that it needs to be just Sidney, for the exact reason that you explained to your sweet little Landon. Your writing conveys your love for your children so powerfully. My heart also aches for you. It is so painful to think of the ‘before’ days.

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  2. Your post reminds me of a conversation I had with Kenny. We’re going to be doing something in our house to honor Theo, and Kenny made the joke that I’m going to give future living children a “complex” because they won’t have what Theo has. I snapped back that they’ll be alive.

    All of your children know how much you love them, including baby girl hedgehog. Go easy on yourself.<3

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  3. I know it’s hard to see through the pain right now and I don’t know if this is something you even want to hear but I promise the pain will lessen in time and that when you think of your beautiful little girl you will smile through the tears. The sadness I do not expect to ever go away but the downright pain and torture lessens and becomes bearable. Reading your words reminds of how I always felt the same way. I couldn’t fathom a day I wouldn’t break down in tears. A day I wouldn’t feel defeated and broken and lost. But here I am. That day will come for you too I just know it ❤️❤️ ((Hugs))

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