Lately, I’ve been wanting to see more/new photos of Kenley. The problem? I can’t see any new photos of my sweet girl because I’ve seen them all. All the photos that will ever exist of my beautiful daughter have been seen by my eyes.

It’s just one more thing that breaks my heart into a million pieces on the daily.

 I’ve never been able to fully write out Kenley’s story and our struggle to get her. I finally found strength to write it tonight. I wrote it here, under the “Kenleys story” tab. I’m sure there is so much missing, but the bottom line is she was wanted and she will never be here. She is so loved. 

15 thoughts on “pictures.

  1. Kenley is absolutely beautiful! I know how hard it is to finally take the time to write down your story so thank you for sharing and doing that it’s extremely brave of you. Your story touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. ((hugs))

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      • I can completely understand that feeling of it being “final” but what’s not final is the legacy of your sweet little girl that you are keeping alive by sharing your feelings and stories of her! Your story, her story, all of it will touch many lives for years to come ❤

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