Landon spent this weekend with my family up north. He had such a great time, and went to a see wooden ships, to a few festivals and played with his cousins and my moms neighbors.

He was exhausted, needless to say.

When I got him back home and settled in, I started unpacking his bags. My mom text me and asked if I saw the gift that he got for the baby. I hadn’t found it yet so I went looking through the other bags for it. I found the brown bag the gift was in, and asked Landon what was inside. “A gift for my new baby sister! I wanted to get her a shirt too but grandma said we didn’t know what size she would be so we could buy her a shirt when she’s born” (read: grandma spent $12 on a pair of socks, so she definitely wasn’t going to spend another $12 on a shirt the baby would wear for a hot second – completely understandable).

So, I slowly opened the bag not sure what to expect.


It took every thing I had not to burst into tears. Landon’s staring at me, waiting for me to say something; I said I loved them and his baby sister was so lucky to have him as a big brother. He smiled and went back to playing toys.

I turned to Shane and started crying.

The first thing for the new baby.

The first baby item I’ve really looked at or held since Kenley died.

The tag on the socks says that this brand supports March of Dimes. When Kenley died, the girls on my board donated money to March of Dimes in honor of her. I feel like somehow this was a small sign from my girl. A sign that tells me that she is with us, no matter where we are at, and no matter what we are going through. She was there helping Landon choose these sweet rattle socks for his new sister. She knew it would be hard for me to see them, but she made a way to let me know it was ok.

I miss you, my sweet girl. I wish I could have seen your sweet feet in cute rattle socks. I am forever missing you.



2 thoughts on “socks.

  1. You should be such a proud mama of your sweet, thoughtful Landon. (And I know you are). The detail about March of Dimes makes me smile. It’s like Kenley is working to connecting Landon and baby sister already. What a sweet angel.

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