Today is a little different.

Today is my amazing husbands 31st birthday.

I don’t think that there are words to express the level of love that I feel for him. Since 2004 he has been taking care of me. I was reading a letter I wrote him in June ’04 and it said: “when you tell me I’m beautiful, I believe you”. Shane gave me confidence in myself that I never knew I could have. Sure, I’m not the prettiest person in the world, the skinniest person, the most patient person, or the “coolest” but he doesn’t care. He loves me for everything I am on the inside. He has shown me what true love is. He is the best father to all of our children. The way he looks at Landon can melt my heart. He tries to get Landon interested in everything, and keeps trying even though Landon can be a turd.

He takes care of us.

He provides for us.

He gives us anything we could ever want or need.

He is my heart and soul.

I am so thankful for you Shane. I know you don’t read this, but I think you deserve recognition for all that you do for us, for me. You are the greatest man I have ever known, and I’m so thankful every single day for you.

Landon, Kenley, and this new little girl are lucky to have you as their Father…

And I am so lucky to be your wife. I love you.

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