We have been seeing our doctor once every two weeks-ish since we did the transfer July 18th. We’ve been getting ultrasounds at all of these appointments;it’s helpful in keeping me sane and feeling connected.  Our next appointment isn’t until October 20th. 

It’s so far away. 

My sister will be married before I have my next appointment. I can barely grasp that! I’m so excited to share in her big day and just know that it’s going to be awesome. 

I have been thinking back to my pregnancy with Kenley lately. Looking back and remembering what I felt like at 13 weeks with her vs how I feel now. I’ve been finding it easier to recall her pregnancy; not as much pain and heartbreak when I think of her. 

I just really miss her. 

3 thoughts on “10/20

  1. Somewhere in the grieving process is also the ability to find happy moments of connection. I hope remembering Kenley’s pregnancy and growth can give you some good moments. I’m so glad little miss is being monitored so closely.

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