good day. 

Today I had a good day. I’m going to enjoy this because they are seriously so so rare. I don’t think I got irritated, sad, upset, or angry at all today.

I cannot remember the last time this happened.

I also felt little miss W (or A, were not sure yet…) move a bunch. I am trying to enjoy her more, she is my child after all but it’s all so complicated.

So yeah.

Good day.

3 thoughts on “good day. 

  1. Good for you – good days are hard to come by and definitely worth remembering!

    I’m glad you’re trying to really connect with this new baby. i can’t even imagine how hard and complicated that much be. But you’re right….she does deserve it. But so do YOU. You deserve to have a new pregnancy that isn’t consumed by anxiety waiting for the other shoe to drop. You love all of your children and deserve special time preparing for their arrival. Just because you miss Kenley, it doesn’t mean you won’t still do everything to have a wonderful pregnancy with this new little one. And just because you are bonding with the new baby doesn’t mean you don’t wish every single day that Kenley was right there by your side. ((HUGS))

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    • Thank you!! Those are exactly my fears- I’m pretty sure we (loss mom’s) are all on the same wave length, unfortunately. I know this baby deserves love, and I DO love her, it’s just incredibly hard and o feel forced. I don’t want to feel forced, I want it to be natural and easy…and it won’t be until she is here, breathing and screaming. It’s scary.


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