future appointments.

I had an MFM appointment today at 11. Just a basic check up, nothing really special. I however knew I had to talk to my doctor about my increased anxiety, and fear that something is going to go wrong.

Everything looked fine, my blood pressure was beautiful and I only gained 1 lb. When my doctor came in we talked about how things were going, and how my anxiety was going. I told her that to be honest, it’s getting worse. I did tell her that we have had a long few weeks. All the Holidays, her first birthday, Alden’s baby shower, cleaning up the Nursery, and then next week it will be painted. I recognize those things are triggers obviously, so I told her I wasn’t sure if it was everything happening at once, or if I’m really just feeling anxious about getting this baby here alive.

She told me that we can up my medication, but after checking we determined that I’m on the highest dose safe for baby. She then told me that after my next growth ultrasound, I will be having biweekly NST’s so that sort of calmed my mind down a little.

So my next two months are going to be full of doctors appointments and I am so excited for it.

Feb 2nd-  Fetal growth ultrasound, and a regular doctors visit

Feb 6th- NST

Feb 9th- NST

Feb 13th- NST

Feb 16th- NST & Regular Doctors Visit

Feb 20th- NST

Feb 23rd- NST

Feb 27th- NST

March 2nd- Fetal growth ultrasound and a regular doctors visit. 

After here we will be deciding where to go appointment wise from there. I mean, she’s scheduled to come on 3/15 so I don’t know how many appointments I will have after the March 2nd appointment.

I can’t believe how fast January is going by. It’s already the 19th…less than 2 months until my csection.



5 thoughts on “future appointments.

  1. I’m glad they’re letting you come in frequently. Go every day in March (until March 15) if you have to. OMG – less than two months! My thoughts are with you so much. I know it’s so hard. One day at a time.

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  2. Going twice a week for NSTs helped me for a good few weeks (as did going in for an extra one occasionally when I had a freak out 😉) You got this! As far as anxiety, take it minute by minute. I went to the therapist today and we talked about how I don’t know how I survived the last trimester. You just claw your way through. 💗

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  3. You are getting so close!! NST’s were my lifesaver. I had to meditate everyday as well to calm me down. If it interests you at all I would suggest that! I found one on YouTube for pregnant women, despite being a little cheesy, calmed me down a ton. Can’t wait to see this little miss!! ❤

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