One down. 

Landon lost his first tooth today! He went from excitement, to sheer terror every couple of minutes. When he finally pushed it so far back that it was turned sideways, you would have thought someone stabbed him. He cried and drooled and had snot coming out of his nose at incredible speeds. 

I told him to calm down, reached in, and yanked it out. Poor little guy, tried to be so brave, but just lost his shit. He bled a little but that didn’t seem to phase him which I thought was weird. He’s more of a “gets in his own head” type of worrier. He thought it was going to hurt bad so he freaked himself out, when in all reality it didn’t hurt at all cus the damn thing was dead lol. 

Stop growing up little man. I can’t believe he will be 6 on February 7th. I think back to my pregnancy with him and I am now so thankful he came at 35+6. Had he gone full term I can’t even think about what might have happened (thanks to this blood clotting bullshit). He’s my little miracle baby. 

He’s reading! Like…actually reading real books with real words that aren’t repetitive. He’s doing math problems. He’s writing words, and taking spelling tests. He’s growing up so fast. He’s extremely tall and lanky, gorgeous and so full of energy. I hope he never changes. 

Sometimes I try to get him to cuddle with me, or let me hold him how I used to when he was a baby. He usually doesn’t let me, but on the very rare chance he does, I eat it up and am taken back to when he was first born. There was no greater joy than to hold him close and watch him sleep. 

I miss him as a baby so much. 

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