Our last NST went perfectly! I took my last lovenox shot tonight, too!  Alden decided to give us a little “duck lips” pout at our amniotic fluid scan so I hope you enjoy! 

(The picture is a profile view)

Tomorrow Shane and I are going to pack our hospital bags up, and finish a few things around the house. My mom and step dad are coming tomorrow night. 

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, so wish her Happy Birthday cus I know she’s reading! I love you momma, thank you for taking such good care of us this past year and a half. I’m so lucky to have you. 

Here’s to another sleepless night….

Come on Wednesday! 

5 thoughts on “36+5

  1. Thank you, Randi’s momma, for bringing such a beautiful soul into the world. Alden, Kenley, and Landon are so lucky to have you as a grandmommy.

    Alden- duck lips for life. You’ll get plenty of practice with your selfie game soon enough!

    Almost the big day!

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