Short randoms

Alden had a weight check today. She has gained 7oz after losing 10.3% of her body weight in the hospital before we left. Our pediatrician was happy with her progress and scheduled a one month check up. We got to talking and she somehow asked a question where I was able to bring Kenley into the conversation. It feels so normal to talk about her; I want to be able to speak about her in the present tense though. What a sad realization that it will never happen.  

Tomorrow we are having Alden’s newborn photos done here at our house. My amazing friend is coming to shoot them for us. I had set up for Kenley’s newborn photos and telling her I no longer needed her was just awful. She is planning to do something in honor of Alden being a rainbow and I’m pretty excited to see what she comes up with. 

Shane has to go back to work on Thursday. I’m not very excited for that day to come. I enjoy his company and also I know that he loves being here with all of us. I wish he could stay home for another week. 

Leaving the doctors office 🌈💜🦄

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