month 2.

Alden is officially 2 months old (as of Monday!) She had her 2 month check up on Wednesday. 

She now weighs 13.2 lbs, and is 23.5 inches long! 90% for height and weight…just like Landon always was (and still is). 

She’s starting to smile more. I laid with her in bed today talking with her and she looked at me and smiled a bunch! It melts my heart. 

She’s doing this funny thing where instead of trying to coo and talk, she coughs loudly and quickly. It’s SO cute. It’s here discovering her voice and I love it. I had a fun day of picture taking today trying to get her on camera! I managed to get a few, but realize that I don’t have my phone on me when I’m with her most the time. I’m trying to enjoy little moments with her. 

She had to get 3 (!!!!!) shots at her appointment. It. Was. Awful.  Oh my god. I didn’t think I would be the mom who cried, but I was. I don’t remember Landon’s shots so I don’t remember if I cried or not. 

Seeing her get stabbed and then screaming out of sheer pain was SOOOOOO awful for me! I just lost it. 

Today I was driving home (alone) from the grocery store, when I turned on my road and almost hit a deer. I turned and there stood a doe not 50 feet in front of me , right in the middle of the rode staring me down. 

I know some people don’t believe in signs or things like that, but I like to believe in them. She stood there for a few seconds looking at me, then slowly walked off into the woods. I pulled up to where she was and watched her walk away. 

Sure, Maybe these things aren’t signs from my girl, but ways that my heart chooses to heal its self when it’s feeling the worst. 

Either way…

One thought on “month 2.

  1. She’s absolutely beautiful Randi 😍 Just like her Momma and her big sister!! I am the same way with shots I cry like a baby. Especially when Isabella had to get her blood taken at only 4lbs and they were trying to stick a needle in her tiny arm. I felt like a terrible Mom. I can’t believe Alden is already 2 months old. She’s almost the same weight at Izz she weighed 13lbs 7oz at her 6 month appointment 😆 I like to think, like your experience with the deer, they are signs too. Little means of communications from our angels that bring us comfort ❤️❤️


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