2018 randoms so far

I feel like these past 5 days have been so busy. I literally haven’t done anything to make me feel that way, so I’m not sure why I do. I think it has something to do with all the things racing through my head about what I want to do/need to do.

Next Tuesday we scheduled a 3d/4d ultrasound. We’ve done them with all our children and I cannot wait to see how similar they all look.

Next Thursday we have a MFM appointment with a growth ultrasound. Seeing her two times in one week is going to be pretty cool. We are also going to schedule our c-section date! I’m pretty nervous about this, but I need a date to look forward to, and March 2nd needs to be that date.

Then, the following Tuesday I am getting my hair colored THANK GOD because I look like a homeless person I swear.

I’m supposed to have physical therapy on Monday evening for my back because my body hates me and I can seriously not bend over without being in pain, which causes me even more pain and frustration. I am so ready to bend over and pick up my child with out a burning pain up my back and down my legs.

We’re still waiting for a contractor to get back to us on an estimate to add-on to our home and I am starting to get a little peeved about it because he said 4 days and that was on December 18th…so…

I’ve got my eye on a dress for our baby girl, Rowan, and I just need to pull the trigger on purchasing it. We currently don’t have a bedroom for her so the dresser will be in our bedroom, along with our dresser, and our bed, and her halo bassinest. I’m not sure how much stuff we can cram into our bedroom but we’re gonna find out!

We need to take our christmas tree down but it’s been like the freakin arctic lately so we are going to wait until it’s a little less chilly. Shane has to drag it clear out the back door to the burn pile so maybe when it’s not -16 degrees and  4 inches of snow….My house is a disaster, and I really need my body to work and function so that I can get some sort of organization going before the baby comes.

Landon has basketball games every Saturday until March! I think that is going to make the time pass quickly too. He will have practice every Wednesday after school until 5:30, as well. I just cannot believe how quickly life is going, and the things that are coming up, AGAIN.

Landon’s birthday Feb 7th

Rowan’s safe arrival (hopefully) March 2nd

Alden’s first birthday March 15th

Me officially going insane?


Send help, frozen meals, a maid….and wine.

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