We have an official csection date: Saturday 3.3.18 @ 9:30 a.m. My MFM is amazing and offered to come in on a Saturday morning to make it happen. She knows how stressed I am, and how 37 weeks is my max. My math had been wrong and the whole time I’m thinking 3/2 was 37 weeks but it’s actually 3/3. I can handle that I think. One extra day.

We talked about it at my appointment on Thursday, and she said she sees no reason it wouldn’t be safe to go to Monday 3/5, and I just about cried. I said I couldn’t do that. The idiotic obgyn office who cared for me during Kenley’s pregnancy refused to take her at 38 weeks, which is pretty normal honestly, and she died at 38+4. She could have been born before things went wrong, but they refused. I will always hold a grudge for that reason, plus about 100 more.

Anyway, she agreed and knows what I need for my sanity. We will be at the hospital at 7 a.m. And go from there. I am so thankful to have a set in stone date to look forward to. Hopefully it helps keep my anxiety under control. We also scheduled the rest of my appointments, including NSTs.

Starting January 25th I will have NSTs 2x a week (Monday and Thursday). Along with 2 more growth ultrasounds and 4 more doctor visits before she is born.

Currently, they’re weighing Rowan at 4lbs 5oz (I was 29+5) and with Alden at 31+4 they had her weighing at 4lbs 9oz. Apparently I’m gonna have another chubby baby!

As long as she gets here alive, she can weigh whatever the hell she wants.

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