I’ve been waiting all morning for my Fert report. I didn’t sleep at all, and was so anxious that I got out of bed at 6:45. I don’t do well with patience. But, that being said…


All of them! 

They were all mature. They all fertilized. They are all growing. 

From almost being canceled to having all mature AND fertilize? 

I am extremely happy. When the Nurse emailed me, I started crying. I cannot believe it. 

Thank you everyone for your positive vibes, love and everything else. We are thrilled with the results. 

Now, I have to continue my meds (Progesterone shots, estrace, doxy and Medrol)  as if we were moving forward with a day 3 transfer, but if they grow well, we will push for blast (choice A). This would have us transferring in late July. If on Sunday they don’t look like they’re doing too well, we will get a call from the lab and I will go in that day and have one or two transferred (this is choice B for us). 

I am so happy. I know my girl is looking out for me ❤ 

5 thoughts on “#7

  1. Wow that’s great Randi ❤️ Kenley sure is looking over you and her future siblings. I bargained with God that the only way I would ever forgive him for this is if he gives me twins next. I know there is so much wrong with that, but I don’t care. Can’t wait to hear what happens next!

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