Seven! Not a bad number for my shitty ovaries/DOR. I’ll take it. I’m feeling pretty confident that they will be good quality as I’ve been on all kinds of supplements for upward of 4 months leading up to this.


Don’t I just look so awesome in this blue hairnet and hospital gown? 

The anesthesiologist blew the vein in my left arm (thanks) and had to go in my hand. IV’s are the worst part of any procedure in my opinion. You wanna cut my abdomen muscles open to take a child, feel free, but PLEASE GOD get the fucking IV right the first time.

Then, as we were getting in position,  the nurse who has been there since we started seeing Dr.J asked me what my daughters name was. I said “Kenley” and then started crying. She walked closer to me, handed me a tissue and said “I know exactly how you feel. I have been there“. This made me cry harder; I told her I was so sorry she knows this pain.

After she woke me up I think I asked her about it? I vaguely remember bits and pieces of what she said. Her daughters name is Stella. Her cord detached from her placenta. She was stillborn @ 34 weeks. (thank you Shane for the reminders)

She said “we went on to have another baby, and that’s what we are going to do for you“.

I cannot tell you the comfort it brought to me for her to ask about Kenley before the retrieval. I knew that was K’s way of letting me know she was there with me.

So, thank you to the nurse. You may not see it, but you helped me so incredibly much by letting me know my girl was there, and for simply saying her name out loud.

Tomorrow morning we will know how many eggs were mature, and how many fertilized. Here’s hoping everything is A+ quality in there.

My ovaries are sore so I think I’m going to take a nap.

Keep our 7 eggs in your thoughts and send us all the good vibes you can manage.

One last thing. A baby loss momma I met through IG (who lost her Son) sent this to me the other day. I woke up to it and it made my heart skip a beat. Seeing her name and knowing that someone else thought of her and I is what helps heal my heart.

I love you sweet girl.

Thank you for being with me today; I couldn’t have asked for better company.

11 thoughts on “eggs. 

    • Thank you!! I agree; It takes a special person to be a nurse. The nurses in the hospital when we had Kenley will forever hold a special place in my heart. They cared for her so well, and I will never forget them. I’m so fortunate to have amazing people around me in this journey.


  1. So glad everything went good! besides the dude blowing out your vein lol hoping for the best of news on the eggs tomorrow! and that is so amazing that your nurse asked about Kenley ❤

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    • Thank you!! I am so thankful to have all of you wonderful women in my life to love and support us through this journey. You have all held me up when I thought I was going to drown. I am forever grateful ❤


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