Tonight we went out like we normally do on Tuesday evenings. BW3’s for dinner, the pet store to buy Wilbert some treats, and Toys R Us. We ended up buying MINECRAFT for Landon. He’s been getting into playing xbox lately…yay. Whatever, it’s fun for him and honestly keeps his imagination occupied for more than 5 seconds at a time.

As we were leaving Toys R Us to buy coffee, my phone rang. It was the embryologist again, and he had great news!

He told us that our embryos didn’t even need the extra time (day 6) to grow, and that the lab was able to biopsy all freaking seven of them this evening!!! He said that 5 looked to be great quality, and 2 were at the threshold of what the lab deems acceptable, but that they decided they were good enough and moved forward with them. They are all frozen now. We have seven frozen embabies!


Once again, I’m sitting here with my jaw on the floor. So surprised at our “good luck”.

I cannot believe that they were all able to be tested. We paid for up to 8 embryos to be tested, so 7 was perfect!

Now we wait a week or so for the results. They said sometimes they are back faster than a week, so I guess we will see what happens.

At the beginning of all this I told Shane that the number of PGS normal embryos we get back is what were having!

We may become the Brady Bunch, or Jon and Kate +8…

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