I am so in love with my Husband; He is my favorite. Tonight, Landon is staying at my in laws so I can go to my appointment tomorrow morning. Shane and I are hanging out on the couch watching tv and it’s the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time. 

I’m so thankful for him. 

2 thoughts on “favorite. 

  1. What shows do you watch? My husband and I were watching Parks and Rec but finished and would love some recommendations that don’t have particular triggers. Caveat is that we don’t have cable or anything, just netflix and the five regular channels that come in.

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    • Have you watched the office? It’s my favorite series to date. A few babies (like 2) but still funny. We’re currently catching up on game of thrones. We started at the beginning like two weeks ago and were almost caught up. What other series have you watched so far?


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