This whole being pregnant after a loss thing is…weird? I’ve been PAL before, but this is much different. I know my grief is still very strong and pretty much overshadowing everything else going on. 

Once again, I want to be happy about being pregnant- we worked really hard to get here again- but I just don’t feel it. And honestly it makes me sad. I want to be excited. 

I don’t know how to change these feelings. 

Ugh. Big ol’ F you to life. 

2 thoughts on “PAL.

  1. It might not come right away but that’s ok don’t beat yourself up. I think a lot of people that haven’t gone through a loss think that once you get pregnant again it solves all our problems but in reality it just creates more confusion. It puts other thoughts in your head that you start to feel guilty of along side all the grief you are feeling and it’s messed up sometimes. Being pregnant after loss is definitely not all snowflakes and unicorns like some would like to think. I don’t doubt you’ll few more of a connection at some point during your pregnancy just remember it’s ok if it’s not right this second you are still an incredible mom ❤️❤️

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