We had an appointment with the MFM today. Just a basic check up to make sure all is looking well. I had a normal BP, didn’t gain any weight, and I did an early screening for GD (yuck no thanks glucose drink) and passed with flying colors. 

When we got there I told the MFM I haven’t been able to hear her HB on Doppler yet and it’s driving me nuts because with Kenley I heard her around 11 weeks. This girl? Nada and I’m 16 weeks. 

She told me that she would try with the Doppler first then take us to an ultrasound room, but I asked just to go straight there because I do not want to hear that you can’t find her HB with Doppler. Don’t need all that shit going on- it’s a mind F anyway. 

So she said absolutely, and took me right over. She told me to always request the ultrasound rooms (3 of her exam rooms have them and one doesn’t) because she’s totally ok with that so yay 🙂 

She touched the wand to my belly and we immediately saw her dancing around in there. Good HB, thank god. She showed us her spine, arms and legs and her little head. She told me that, yes, I do in fact have an anterior placenta (just my luck?) and that baby was standing straight up pretty much. 

She also told us that she is ok seeing us every 2 weeks till the end of the pregnancy (after our next appt- which is my anatomy scan already). 

I love her. I just love her so much because she gets it- obviously not 100% but, she is doing a damn good job trying. She’s understanding and relatable. 

It was a good appointment. 

Now to wait for the appraiser………

7 thoughts on “MFM. 

  1. wow, almost anatomy scan time!!! do you find time is moving fast b/c the time with grief seems to fly by? the happiness and grief together…such a mind F! but youre doing so great ❤

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    • Thank you!! Honestly, and this is gonna sound way fucked up but it is what it is, I feel like time is flying by because I’m sort of ignoring the fact I’m pregnant? Especially early on…it was really hard. It’s still super hard and it will be probably forever. Once this baby is born alive (hopefully) I will worry every day about everything, I think.

      Grief time is SO fast. I cannot believe in like 2 months I would have a 1 year old. It breaks my hear into a million pieces and I don’t know how to wrap my head around it.

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