I have been waiting for my “You are the mother of all mothers” books to come, and they are finally here! 

When Kenley died, this book was included in the care pack from the amazing women on my board. I read it every day for about 4 months. I now purchased a special memorial spot for Kenley in the back of this edition: 

Each book has her name in the back and it makes me so happy to be able to donate these to the hospital. I know that when I first read it, it was hard. But, I needed to hear it, it helped me eventually. I truly hope that these books make a difference in the hands of those which they are placed. 

If you’re interested in reading what is inside the book, click here. But…have the tissues ready because holy tear jerker. 

One step closer to having the bags complete. I need to place a giant Amazon order for the rest of the items. Maybe that will happen tonight? 

Shane and I are sick as dogs (can someone explain to me why people say this?) currently and we’re laying around doing nothing. He keeps getting a fever and shivers uncontrollably until his medicine kicks in, and I’m burning hot while coughing my face off which gives me a. A sty headache. Needless to say, last nights sleep was the worst. It’s viral per the doctor today…but seems a little weird to only be viral. 

Tylenol and Mucinex for me; Motrin and Mucinex for him. 

I hate getting sick! There is so much I need to do around the house but instead I’m laying in bed. 

Must. Get. Up. And. Do. Something. 

Maybe I can find the strength to throw some laundry in or something. Uggggh. 

3 thoughts on “Books. 

  1. Wow that is a Kleenex box read. But a awesome read and the truth. These bags are going to be such a comfort to those who receive them. They might not feel it right away but they will. You are so amazing to take something that was to painful for words and find a way to help others. Lov ya

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