Shane and I have pneumonia…wtf. 

We both went to the doctor on Saturday and were told it was just chest colds. Well, Shane developed a nasty fever so we took him to the ER yesterday morning. Sure enough- pneumonia. So I emailed my MFM who told me it might be good to be seen just incase (I was having the same symptoms as Shane minus fever). I decided I would go this morning after a bit of soul searching.

I would have to go up there by myself, which is stressful in and of itself because I’ve never been there and it’s near campus and just makes me nervous!

I would have to go to Labor and Delivery alone. The last trip to L&D was last year when I heard Kenley had died so I really didn’t want to go alone, but what choice did I have. 

So I hopped in the shower and told myself I would have gone for Kenley so this baby deserves that too. And off I went. 

I was able to find my way up there fairly easily. I kept giving myself pep talks which I think helped to keep me focused on where I was going. I found a good parking spot, and walked over to the Hoapital through the connecting bridge sky walk thing. I had zero clue where I was going, but managed to figure it out thank god. 

When I got up to L&D I tried to not focus on the bajillion people waiting to hear if their grandbaby was born, and how mom was. But of course right when I signed in and sat down a dad came into the waiting area with a nurse talking to family about how his twins (ugh) we’re just born healthy as could be….at 3 lbs a piece..and we’re doing great! 

3 lbs. 

Kenley was 7lbs 5oz, perfectly perfect. 

Eventually I got called up to registration and talked to the receptionist for a while and we waited for a nurse to come get me. Thirty minutes later a nurse sticks her head out of a side door and says these exact words: 

“So seeing how you’re NOT VIABLE, we’re going to just send you to the ER”.


I looked at her and said no. I lost my daughter at 38+4 last year (I start crying) and I was sent here per my MFM, so I’m not going to the ER. She seemed pissed and said ok well I’ll go get my charge nurse to talk to you (you’re damn right you will). 

Charge nurse comes out and says ok we will see you (yup.) so they stick me in the quick eval room where I would stay from 10:30am- 2:45pm….No bed. No gown. No proper fetal heart tones monitoring like I expected. I felt like a giant inconvenience to ALL of them. 

So when the nurse came in and tried to do the Doppler I stopped her and said “no, I have an anterior placenta, and I need an ultrasound”. She just looked at me. I said “I’m sorry, I just cannot be here and hear you tell me you can’t find my daughters heartbeat with that Doppler, can’t handle that”. 

The doctor rolled in an ultrasound machine a few minutes later and I was able to see her bringing her legs up to her chest (this must be a favorite for her- I see it often) and her HB was a beautiful 150. Shew. 

She said she was going to have the nurse hook up IV fluids. When the nurse came in, I immediately got all clammy. 

I hate IV’s. HATE. THEM. 

When I had Landon, 5 nurses dug around in my hand for a vein, until finally one said fuck it well put it in her arm! I have an amazing vein in my right arm, please place ALL IVs there. 

This nurse did a FANTASTIC job, and I didn’t even feel it anymore than a regular blood draw. I was super impressed. Too bad her bed side (excuse me…chair side) manner was “meh” at best. 

I was given IV fluids (while sitting in a shitty chair in pretty much a storage closet) and while that was in progress the mobile X-ray people came and took an X-ray. The tech made me laugh, thank god. She’s was all “uh they could have just waited for the IV because now you need to take your bra off and you have an IV in, so this will be fun!” Ugh. 

Couldn’t get the bra all the way off, so it chilled here until my IV was done…

After a while the doctor came back in and said that I had some stuff in my lung which they are calling pneumonia. I was to get an antibiotic shot, and some antibiotics for the next week and be on my way. 

So…antibiotic shots suck so bad. 

I’m tough. I can handle my shit, and have a suuuuppperrrr high pain tolerance…well this shot felt like she hit me with a sledge hammer with the needle attached to the end, and injected burning lava into my skin which caused me to not be able raise my arm. It only lasted about 45 seconds but OUCH. Maybe it was a mix of the whole day, who knows. 

Today was hard for about ten thousand reasons but I made it . I’m ready to be asleep. One good thing, well two good things today- I got an email saying my candles have shipped for the bags! Yay! And I was able to see my sweet baby A dancing. I do not take that for granted. I could watch her all day. 

9 thoughts on “pneumonia.

  1. Holy shit. “So seeing how you’re NOT VIABLE, we’re going to just send you to the ER”. Can I please throat punch that nurse for you? I’m glad you were assertive and got the care you needed for both your physical health and, just as important, your state of mind. I hope you are feeling better soon. So glad you got to see your sweet baby girl.

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