if you have a second…

Through Kenley’s death, I met a loss momma on IG. Her and her husband are struggling with secondary infertility (no issue with first child, fertility issues with the second pregnancy). 

This speaks to me because it’s what happened to us. Landon, no issues. I was diagnosed with dinished ovarian reserve which lead to 2.5 years of struggles, 6 rounds of clomid, 2 rounds of letrozole, 1 round of tamoxifen, and 3 IUIs later we got pregnant with Kenley. Then, we lost her. 

This family has DOR, and needs IVF. If they win this contest they will get a fully funded IVF cycle. 

We paid out of pocket for our IVF cycle, and it cost us $23,000. 

Please take the time to watch this video and vote (thumbs up there video to vote) to make their IVF cycle happen. 

Vote for Joan & John!

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