Landon’s party went well. He had a few friends show up; there were a total of 6 kids here yesterday! They had a great time. They spent most the party in the basement running around like crazy little people. I was so happy to see him having a good time, and enjoying himself.

Tomorrow I start my NST’s twice a week. It also looks like I’m having a BPP on Thursdays NST too, so I’m kind of excited for that.

Today was a weird day; I took Landon to my Mother in laws this afternoon and I tried to rest. I haven’t been able to sleep very well as this baby is making me pee a thousand times a night. She seems to think that when I wake up to pee, and then lay back down, that she can just dance around and keep me up. I think she’s just pumped that she has space to move around again.

Shane knew I was having a rough day so when he came home he was holding a bouquet of Irises. Beautiful purple Irises. I cried.

I am so thankful for him. He is such an amazing human being.

38 days until we meet Landon and Kenley’s little sister. I cannot wait.


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