Today we had our second NST, and it also included an Amniotic Fluid Index ultrasound. When we got back to the NST room, it took the nurse 10,000 hours to find the heartbeat and it caused some serious PTSD. I think that Alden was laying weird because her HB was eventually found pretty low in a weird place; this did not make me too happy. Later after Shane went to work, he text me and said that he was freaked out and had some PTSD from it too. I hate that we both feel these things, but I’m so thankful that he understands how I’m feeling.

Baby A’s baseline heart rate was in the 150s. She passed her NST with flying colors; showing us many accelerations up into the 170s. The ultrasound tech came in and did the scan to check fluid levels. Her fluid levels look perfect, so I was pretty happy about that. She was so kind, and tried to show us some views of Alden but the machine was just a little mini version of a regular one so it didn’t work out too well. She was able to get me one picture of her face. Her cheeks are so chubby and beautiful.

When we got to the car Shane said “she looks just like Kenley”.

I already know she is going to look identical to her older sister (and Landon), and I don’t know how prepared I am for that. I am so anxious to see her, to hear her scream when she comes out. 34 days.

I got some picture frames today, and was able to put some of Alden’s art work in them. I’m really happy with the stuff we chose. Shane put the drawers back in the dresser today, and put the handles back on. It looks really really good. I’m still sad that it’s not the coral color, but it is what it is. We put the rug back down, and just sort of hung out in there for a little while before he went to work.

I wish we would win the lotto so Shane could stay home all day every day with me.


One thought on “NST + AFI.

  1. I’m so sorry about your scare. Your baby girl is good with her NSTs though!! And gosh I wish Mark could stay at home with me too. We’ve talked about just buying a tiny house and working odd jobs. Not gonna happen, but one can dream. 34 days!!!

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