last night. 

Yesterday after Landon got off the bus he kept saying he didn’t feel good. Before he went to school he told me that too so I took his temperature- 97.9. 

Well, I busted out the new thermometer and tried again when he got home…103.6.

Um da fuq? 

So I gave him motrin and his fever broke. Fast forward to 11pm…he calls for me and ends up on our bedroom floor for the night again. This is how the rest of my night went: 

– 12:30 Landon’s fever breaks so he woke up sweating. Tells me he is burning hot, takes his clothes off, climbs in bed with us and I turn the fan on high. This is not good enough for him so he proceeds to go to the freezer and get an ice pack for his feet (lol)…eventually he falls asleep. 

– 1:30 I wake up to Landon making weird noises, he is uncovered on the floor, holding the ice pack without pants…shivering. So I proceed to put his pants on him, take the ice pack, and cover him up good with two blankets. 

– 2:30 he wakes me up saying he has to puke. He walks into our bathroom and proceeds to throw up, and break a ton of blood vessels in his face (found out this morning ugh). 

– 3:30 he wakes up saying he’s uncomfortable. So I tell him he should go back to his bed- he agrees- so we gather his stuff and walk back to his bedroom. Gave him another dose of Motrin, and tucked him in. 

– 4:30 he calls me in saying he’s hot and asks me to turn his fan on. 

– 4:45 I crawl back into bed and sleep until 7am when my alarm goes off. 


I had a NST at 9 this morning, and Shane took Landon to his pediatrician. Turns out he has Strep 😦

 my poor little dude.  

Alden’s NST went well, as usual, and my MFM checked blood flow in her cord. All looked well, and my cervix is closed.

 We have a NST on Monday, and Thursday, and one more on Monday…then…

Wednesday is D-day. 

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. 

It still doesn’t feel like it is going to happen. 

Also…Landon showed me this tonight and it had me cracking up. Enjoy 🙂 

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