thirty six.

Today marks 36 weeks that I’ve been pregnant.

In one week we will hopefully be meeting our beautiful rainbow girl.

Tomorrow we have an NST, then we have another one on Monday…then, it’s delivery day on Wednesday. The plan is to arrive at the hospital a 5:30 am, c-section will be at 8:30 am.

I am incredibly nervous, and worried that something is going to go wrong between now and Wednesday. I plan to use my doppler as often as possible until Wednesday. I’ll probably be taking it with me to the hospital (for the drive), and I’m going to ask that I be hooked up to monitoring until the c-section happens.

I’m feeling ok today…but, I’m not sure how this weekend will go. I think the weekends are the worst for some reason. Maybe it’s because Shane works, and it’s just Landon and I here so my brain goes crazy.

Seven days.

We can do it.

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