• Last night Alden ate at 11, and slept until 4:30 without waking up. Normal parent = Happy! Sleep!  Loss mom = is she alive?! 

• Landon had tball again tonight and it was such a nice day! Shane and my Father in law are now assistant coaches on the team and it makes my heart overflow with joy. Shane loves Landon so much, so to see this happen was pretty cool. 

• Landon has a zoo field trip tomorrow. I was going to chaperone, buteach chaperone would be in charge of X kindergarteners and I have a newborn sooooo…

• I cannot believe my boy is almost in first grade. What in the actual hell. Time is flying and I feel so old. 

• Speaking of old, I have way too many wrinkles. Looking at photos of myself is terrifying sometimes. 

• I wish I had hand and foot molds of Kenley’s hands and feet. What I would give to see them again. 

• Shane bought me a keurig for our anniversary! We usually don’t drink kcups because well…Shane’s a coffee snob for lack of better word! I’m super surprised he bought it for me because it goes against all he believes in as far as good coffee goes!

• I am so tired and don’t think Shane and I have had 5 seconds to even hug in the past month and a half. I’m really looking forward to our date night on Saturday- even if it means all we do is sleep haha! 

• I got my hair done the other day. It’s a blonde bayalage and I really like it a lot but it’s going to take some getting used to. I’m used to my whole head being bright blonde, this is more subtle and white. It’s exactly where I want to go so I hope to be able to lighten it even more this summer!

• We’ve been talking to a home builder and finally got a rough estimate on what it would cost to build the home we want. It’s one of those things where we can totally do it, but It would all depend on us selling our house for a decent price and making money. If we made enough to buy land, building wouldn’t be an issue and we would be fine. Who knows, still trying to get Shane on board 110%. 

• I’ve been finding it hard to separate my grief from daily life again. Not saying it has ever gotten easier or gone away, but it sometimes is easier than others.  I’m not sure why it’s getting rough again…but it’s starting to feel really heavy again. I think I could use a little break; a vacation to relax. 

• I need to pull weeds, get mulch for out front and refill my bird feeders. 

Apparently this has become a to do list so that’s all I’ve got tonight. 

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