Kenely’s Birthday Project & Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month.

October is Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month.



What better month to ramp up the final round of donations for Kenley’s Birthday Project! This whole project is in memory of her, and to help other parents going through what we went through, so I think it’s a perfect time for people to really reach out and help make this a possibility for us.

Please consider donating to this project in memory of our sweet Kenley, and all babies gone too soon.

Currently, things are looking great for the care packages. I need a few more items to complete the 40 packages that are our goal. To complete the care packages I need the following (each item is linked directly to my wish list, so if you wish to purchase it, just click the link! You can change quantity at checkout):

8- Willow Tree figurines 


8- My love will find you books



And the other items we are hoping to donate we need in these amounts:

20- Hand and Foot mold kits


31- The Invisible String Book

(This book explains loss in a way that older children can understand, and I am so thankful to have gotten multiple copies from friends after Kenley died. Landon still talks about it.)



And we need 6 girl sleepers to meet our 40 donated goal, and 15 boy sleepers to meet the 40 goal. You could purchase these off our wishlist or you can purchase them and mail them to me. Whatever you wish!


Please help us make this a reality for parents who have will go through what we went through. Having these items won’t bring their baby back, but it will allow them physical things to take home to remember their children by.

In lieu of purchasing items off of our wish list, you can also donate to our gofundme account:

Kenley’s 2nd Birthday Project gofundme account


Please consider donating to make this a possibility!

All monetary donations go directly toward care packages, and I cannot wait to share the final outcome with everyone when it’s time to donate them for her 2nd birthday!


If you wish to help in another way, please contact me to let me know how you want to help!


One thought on “Kenely’s Birthday Project & Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month.

  1. As soon as payday rolls around again, I’ll make another donation. What size do you need the sleepers to be? I have a weird collection of boy/girl stuff from way back when, and I can’t think of a better cause to donate them to if they work. PM or text me💜💜

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