7 months.

So, Alden is somehow 7 months old! Where has time gone? It’s a crazy thing, time. I feel like Kenley just died, that I just had my transfer, that Alden was just born, and that we just came home from the hospital. I can’t believe that she’s literally a few days away from crawling, has two teeth, and says momma!

This is new, too! She was on her knees trying to stand while leaning on her toy basket today. She’s so much fun!

She loves food! She enjoyed these scrambled eggs the other day, and loves pretty much anything.

She’s doing really well sleeping after some rough cry it out nights. I love her so much. I knew the love I would have for her, because I already had Landon and knew that mother/child love. But, when I hold her and she looks at me, it’s different. She has brought so much light back into my life. Yes, I am still sad. I lost my first born daughter and she will always be missing from my life. So I will always be sad for her, but Alden helps to heal my soul in ways I could have only dreamed of.

There was once a time when I feared I wouldn’t be able to love her properly…how wrong I was.

I love you sweet girl. You are so special.

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