A fundraiser for Kenley

A sweet friend, Amy Jo has started a fundraiser for Kenley! Amy sells LulaRoe, and she is currently running a special on ALL of her products and all proceeds go to help us finish up the last of the donations.

We currently need 17 more hand print mold kits which I would LOVE to have. Those are so important and I cannot explain to you how badly I wish I had a print of Kenley. It’s like I would have a piece of her, sort of? I don’t know but I REALLY want parents to be able to have this.

We need a few more sleepers, and we also need about 30 ” The Invisible String” books.

I am so thankful that Amy is doing this for us. Even if we raise $5, it’s more than we had.

Please follow the link below to check out her inventory! It’s a win win because everything is discounted and we will receive 100% of the proceeds!


Click HERE to shop the fundraiser!


Click here to shop the remaining items on our Amazon wish list!


4 thoughts on “A fundraiser for Kenley

  1. shopping now! – do you know how fast she’s dropping into the mail? (trying to order minnie mouse leggings for halloween, not the end of the world if they don’t come before… just curious…)

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