and we’re here again.

Tomorrow starts the long (yet short) last few weeks of this pregnancy. I start 2x weekly NSTs. They will be every Thursday and Monday. I’m hoping that Shane will be able to go to some of them, but it doesn’t seem likely and honestly maybe that’s for the better.

When we started NSTs for Alden he was a wreck. I think in part because the first one he came to we couldn’t find the HB on the machine for what seemed like 59 hours but was a few seconds. So, he was stressed over that and things just kind of spiraled from there. I think it would be better if I went to them alone honestly.

Then, on February 9th I will have an NST, growth ultrasound and a doctors appt. If things go right, this could be my last ultrasound EVER. It’s crazy to think that way. Also, if all goes well during delivery, I will be getting my tubes tied. This really brings up a lot of weird emotions for me.

We tried for so long to get pregnant naturally, then we were diagnosed with infertility, then Kenley died, then IVF and Alden was born, then a healthy spontaneous pregnancy. It just seems so final to tie my tubes but really it’s not. If for some CRAZY reason we ever want more kids (no) I have embryos and need no tubes for IVF so there’s that…

Plus this saves us from the possibility of a random pregnancy when we’re like 45.

I guess the next 37 days will be jam packed with NSTs, basketball games and Landon’s birthday party…and of course at the end of the 37 days we will hopefully add another baby girl to our lives.

Fingers crossed.

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