weight check.

Rowan’s doctors appt for a weight check was today.

She did super well, and also we found out that she gained 2 oz!


I know that might not seem like a big deal, but an oz a day weight gain is what our pediatrician wants to see with newborns, so we are perfectly on target!

Birth- 8lbs 15oz

Leaving hospital- 8lbs 1oz

Today (2 days being home) 8lbs 3oz!!

Growing so well!

Mom guilt is so stupid and unnecessary. I hate blaming myself for the dumbest things even when they turn out to be false. I was just so convinced that she had lost a whole bunch of weight and somehow I was starving her. But, that’s false and she’s doing great. So, my boobs live to feed another day!

Last night was interesting…she woke up around 12 wanting to eat so I fed her. And fed her. And fed her…..until 1:45 a.m. I am not sure what happened but she literally was eating the entire time and every time I tried to take her off and lay her back down she would cry so hard.

I finally woke Shane up and asked him to find the little formula bottles we were given from the hospital. I had to “top her off” cus she was killing my boobs, and my sanity.

1 oz of formula later, she slept for 4 hrs.

Tonight she seems to be “snacky” again…I just gave her an oz of formula and I’m hoping to get a little sleep.

Sleeping next to this little smush face girl tonight and I cannot wait. Don’t be too jealous! 🙂

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