A lot of things have happened in our life since I’ve really updated. God, I don’t even know what the last thing was that I updated about.

-We sold our house.

-We lived with Shane’s Parents for nearly a year.

-We built an amazing home.

-Shane’s been working mandatory 6 day work weeks for 4 years and it’s A LOT for a family to have to deal with.

-We had to buy a new trampoline and swing set (brand new gift from my dad blew down in a storm!)

-We finally have grass. Thank god.

-Because of COVID-19 Shane has been working 5 days, then off for 10 days. It has been the most refreshing thing to have him home for more than 5 minutes at a time.

-Alden is 3. Potty trained, and in a big girl bed.

-Rowan is 2, and pretty much wants to be potty trained and in a big girl bed like her sister. They’re BFFs (cue heart break).

-Landon is 9. He has his first set of braces and his teeth look amazing. He’s been homeschooling since March. He won’t be playing baseball this year because of the virus and that makes me super sad.

-I surprised Shane with a Vacation to Cozumel Mexico for our 10 year wedding anniversary in May, and now we have to cancel and I’m really really upset about it. I know…there are worse things but you know what? This sucks and I am allowed to feel that way. We haven’t gone away to the beach since our honeymoon and we were both really looking forward to this trip. Maybe next year.

So pretty much that’s whats been going on here! Life is chaos, all the time literally. I’m ready for some spring time weather. I hope you’re all staying safe!


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