thank you. 

I posted on my IG about this, but I’m going to put it here as well. 

Thank you. 

From the bottom of my heart. This journey has been (and will always be) the hardest thing I’ve ever navigated. I could not make it through without the immense support from every single person who has reached out to me. You might think sending me a text that says “thinking of you” is lame, or pointless, but it’s not. It means the world to me. It lets me know Kenley is being thought of; that’s all I want now. I want her beautiful memory to live on with everyone. 

She was the most perfect little girl, and I’m so sad that we didn’t get to watch her grow up into a beautiful person, but knowing she is thought of makes my heart happy. 

So I say again, Thank You. Every text, every letter, every email, card in the mail, gift, comment and phone call has made a difference. 

Somedays (most days) I feel like I’m drowning, but it seems that those days are when (magically somehow) my support system pulls through and makes me able to see the light again. 

I am forever thankful for your love and support

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