Today I am 12 weeks pregnant.

At my MFM appointment last Thursday we did some blood work to determine if baby is genetically normal (checking for trisomy, and down syndrome). They said it would take about a week to come back, and when it did we would also find out the sex of our baby.

We found out that baby is low risk for all things tested, and we also found out that…

We couldn’t be more surprised, and thrilled. I am so thankful that this baby is healthy, even though I know that doesn’t really mean anything based on what has happened to us.

I found this photo of three pink balloons and knew I had to use it to announce. When we announced Kenley was a girl, Landon held pink balloons and her ultrasound photo. This photo is reminiscent of that, and it just feels right.

3 balloons= 3 daughters.

I can’t believe we are having another little girl.

I thought this would be a boy 100%. And, now that it’s a girl, it just feels right. Maybe Kenley is sending her sister a sister. Maybe Kenley is part Alden part this baby. There are many things running through my mind, I won’t lie.

Mom guilt, too.

I am so thankful to be carrying another healthy child.

Let’s just get to March and bring her home, alive, where she belongs.

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