date night.

This morning as I’m sitting here, drinking my coffee watching the weather channel with no children here…I wonder how much one person is supposed to be able to handle. Because I’m pretty sure that I’m well past that threshold.

Shane has been working some serious over time lately, so we’ve both been kind of stretched thin. He works swing shifts so it’s a different shift every day; somedays he goes to work in the A.M., some days he’s gone at 1 P.M.  So it’s mostly me who deals with the kids. He tries to help when he can, but his job is so extremely stressful that I don’t want to have to burden him with the stress of working an 8 hr day then come home to screaming kids. He wouldn’t have it any other way, but I want to make sure he is mentally rested.

His birthday is on Monday so I had planned to have a date night for us. His Mom kept both kids last night, and we drove up to an amazing Indian resturant to have dinner. It was sooooo good, as expected, and the company was even better. I love when we get alone time. I feel like all the stress just melts away and we connect so well. We held hands and just enjoyed each other. Shane opened my car door for me when we left (swoon) and we drove off to find something else to do. We were going to go buy dog food– how exciting for a date night, right? #adulting

Well…as we got nearly one block farther we heard the car making a weird noise. So I turned the radio off, and we listened. Then, the screen in my car told us there was low oil pressure and the car made a really loud knocking noise. We pulled over into a little wine and beer store (oddly enough we had been there before when Shane was into home brewing). Shane got out and checked the oil…nothing. The entire underneath of my car was soaked in oil, the wheel wells, the WHEEL itself. Something had broken loose and caused all of the motor oil to leak out.

We were stuck. 45 minutes away from home. During an Ohio State football game. Shane called his dad, and talked to him for a while and they were able to locate the hose that was causing the trouble. Poor Shane ruined his favorite shirt (I love this shirt too. he looks so good in it!), and was laying all over the nasty ground looking at my oil soaked car. We ended up needing to tow it all the way back to our house, and his dad drove up to where we were to take us home.

This was at 6:00 p.m.

We didn’t get home until 8:45 p.m.

So much for a date night…

My Mother in law still kept the kids, so we were able to sleep pretty well, but Shane had to be up at 5:00 for work. She is going to bring them back to me a little bit later, so I’m going to try and get some of my housework done. Our friend is coming to look at my car later today so hopefully he can figure out what’s wrong with it.

So now I have a broken car, a broken AC unit (and what great timing because mother nature decided to be a bitch and go from 60’s to 80’s for the foreseeable future…IT’S FALL. STOP. BEING. HOT.) and I’m just wondering where it’s gonna stop. Don’t bad things happen in 3’s? Like…hi, just sitting here waiting for the other foot to drop…

I think I’m a good human. I try to be a good person, and help people, and I genuinely enjoy doing those things. So why does this stuff keep happening? While I know a broken hose and a $200 tow isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a human (obviously. cus we’ve been there too…) it’s just annoying when you’re trying to live a good life and shit like this happens to you. The men at the store we broke down at yesterday were so incredibly nice. They gave us bottled water and let me use the restroom. They gave Shane some paper towels and came outside to check on us a few times. I’m going to mail them out a thank you card.

I really don’t know how much one person is supposed to be able to handle, but I’m pretty sure I’m approaching the red zone here…

If you have any positive vibes to send…I will gladly take them.

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