Today Alden had her 6 month check up. She is 17.14 lbs and 27.25 inches tall! She had to get 4 shots and one drinkable shot. My poor girl…I hate seeing her in pain and the shots seemed to take forever this time.

She fell asleep on the drive home and she’s been napping ever since. I know it has to hurt terribly getting four shots in our legs at one time.

In other news, she is sitting up by herself (for a while now) and she’s starting to try to crawl. Watching her up on her hands and knees is hilarious but I’m always scared she’s going to smack her face on a toy, or the floor if she falls. She loved to put ALL things in her mouth, especially her toes. She’s so much fun. I’m just waiting for her to start mocking us and saying things but mostly we just get blowing raspberries or loud screams.

It’s very hard for me to believe that in a few short months I will have another baby. Today at the peds office the receptionist tried to schedule Alden’s 9 month appointment on Kenley’s 2nd birthday. I was just taken by surprise and off guard by it. I said no of course and we scheduled for another day. It was weird how off my guard I was. I guess maybe I just didn’t expect to be taken by surprise at her appt. I don’t know.

I had to hold back the tears. Here I am setting up a 9 month appt when I should be setting up a 2 year well check. But that won’t ever happen, at least for Kenley.

So weird.

I will never understand why I lost my daughter but other people get to keep theirs.

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