Can this mom get a sick day?

Being sick is awful.

Being sick with a 7 month old (who is also sick) is worse.

Being sick with a sick 7 month old, and 20 weeks pregnant is pretty much the freakin pits.

It started off with the typical itchy eyes and throat etc…then a cough…then the head pressure. Alden has had a runny nose for 3-4 days and has been SUPER fussy. Don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining obviously, because she could fuss every day all day and I would still be so thankful for her, but my god. The constant fussiness plus a headache is just wearing me down!

She’s woken up at 5ish the past few days too so that’s been super fun…

In other news, the LulaRoe fundraiser brought in $260! I am so thankful for that; the money is going to help out SO much with the remaining items we need for donations. I can’t wait to start purchasing the remaining items and get them here! I am going to purchase the boxes here shortly, too. I’m so thankful for all the help that we have been given.

In an effort to round out the donations and hopefully get some more books coming our way, I’m going to start my final leg of “fundraising” here shortly. Keep your eyes peeled!

This post was supposed to be something way bigger and way more in depth than this…but I’m sick and I really want to just curl up on the couch and watch the office…again, so that’s what I’m going to do.


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